Inside JenX Saddle Pads Designs

For those with questions about how JenX Saddle Pads are create, spend a few minutes with the woman behind it all. 

At JenX Equine you'll find the latest generation of designs by Jen Hegeman. Fleeceworks, Matrix, T3 Coolback and T3 Woolback were the predecessors to this line. Always improving and updating, we use the latest in technological advances in textiles and polymers worthy of equine extreme sports. The pad designs are all about the physiological and impact control needs of the horse with bonus features of wash and wear as well as extra impact protection for the rider. We think about our equipment the same way you do ... horse first.

High profile, fleece supported spine channel, immediate heat dispersal, with impact absorbing inserts that help you be a more effective rider who can maintain position longer. All of the design feature together create a piece of equipment that translates to less fatigue, for both equine and human athletes, resulting in faster and better PNR results, vet scores and faster overall recoveries. (You'll be happier and less sore too but we know you don't really care about that, as long as your horse is happy.).

Jen's designs are used by the U.S and other World teams on all of the worlds toughest courses. If its your first LD or your first Tevis ... we literally have your back. And, unlike any other brand, you can ask the designer any question you want. Jen loves nothing more than to help people and their horses achieve their goals.

So if you're looking for a saddle pad that makes a difference, that truly helps the performance of both the horse and rider, then JenX saddle pads are the pads for you. 


Cutting-Edge Technology, Revolutionary Designs