Riding Ponchos

Pendleton dsign riding poncho

Riding Ponchos are individually designed and completely custom. They are the creative outlet of our designer, Jen Hegeman, who is an avid snowboarder and equestrian. Though starting with saddle pads, she wanted something that could flow from "Saddle to Slopes"... tired of her horses always looking better than her in their beautiful Riding Blankets and Saddle pads, she wanted in on the fabulousness that is Pendleton ;-) Riding Ponchos are easy, warm and look amazing. They make running an errand after the barn or slopes a lot less embarrassing... you are still going to have helmet hair and smell bad but in a Riding Poncho you look so great, they blame it on the guy behind you. All three styles are perfect for apes-ski and are designed to drape in the saddle without bunching. Hoods are Victorian style and are oversized to fit over most helmets. Riding Ponchos are made from authentic blanket weight Pendleton Wool, trimmed in elk, bison or deer leather and natural deer shed or bison horn toggles. Fur for the Wanderer and Voyager styles are sheepskin or caribou. Each one is a one of a kind creation.  

Riding Ponchos are completely reversible and have coordinating saddle pads, both English and Western, available for purchase.

All Riding Ponchos are made by hand, completely custom and take 7-10 working days to complete.  MADE IN THE USA.

Please email info@jenxequine.com if you would like to swap out trim colors (or you can put your color preference the comments) or order here if you like what you see.

Want to make sure you get the right size? Go to our Measuring for a Riding Poncho page now and you'll be set!

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