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Maria Martinez Riding Cloak - Artist Collection

The Maria Martinez Riding Cloak has an eco-tanned New Zealand sheepskin fur trimmed hood, garment weight antiqued bison leather binding with a buffalo horn toggle.  One of a kind.

Our riding cloaks are individually handcrafted to make each a unique creation. They are completely reversible with all natural materials.  This piece is created from a rare, limited edition Pendleton blanket, honoring the late Pueblo ceramic artist Maria Martinez. It pays tribute to her artistry, honoring her black-on-black art with black hand striped bison leather, a black buffalo horn toggle and black eco-tanned Sheepskin trim on the hood. Because each material we use is natural (and natural materials differ greatly), we tirelessly wait for just the right accent to come along that will compliment a piece like this...perfectly. Like the artists who influence us, we are inspired by the natural world and we wait for nature to show us her way.

The work of the late ceramicist Maria Martinez is a monument to Pueblo Indian Pottery. Her black-on-black pottery reached new heights in artistic expression and became world renowned. Maria developed innovative new skills and techniques for traditional Southwestern pottery. However, the knowledge that made her successful had no true value until she shared those skills with her family, her pueblos and the world. She believed that an individual could not succeed without supporting the group. In that same generous spirit, each year the American Indian College Fund offers over 5,000 tribal students the opportunity to succeed. The humble blanket reminds us all that we can only reach new heights together.

All Riding Cloaks are completely custom and take 7-10 working days to complete.  MADE IN THE USA  

Men's & Women's Riding Cloak Sizes

Cloak sizes are based on height and height alone. Whether you're a man or a woman, all we need to know to get the correct cloak size is your height. Sizes for Men's & Women's cloaks are;

  • S for those 5' to 5'4" tall
  • M for those 5'4" to 5'8" tall
  • L for those 5'8" to 6' tall
  • XL for those 6' to 6'4" tall

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