Riding Cloak in Point Reyes

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Riding Cloak in Point Reyes - Wanderer Series

Riding Cloak in Pendleton®'s Point Reyes, American bison leather trim, Sheepskin accent on hood.

Riding Cloaks are individually handcrafted and each is a unique creation. They are completely reversible with all natural materials. Riding Cloaks are made from authentic Pendleton® Wool, hand striped leather or lambskin trim and natural deer shed toggles. Coordinating saddle pads, in both English and Western styles, are available.

All Riding Cloaks are completely custom and take 7-10 working days to complete.  MADE IN THE USA 

  • S 5ft-5ft4

  • M 5ft4-5ft-8

  • L 5ft8-6ft

  • XL 6ft-6ft4

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