Yakima Camp Blanket Poncho in Mineral Umber

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Yakima Camp Blanket Poncho in Mineral Umber

Camp Ponchos are made of authentic Yakima Camp Blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills. Soft, warm, rain and wind resistant, these all natural wool Ponchos are perfect for camping, hiking, hanging out by the fire, in the back yard, collapsing after a climb, dancing at a festival or hanging out with friends ... in other words  perfect for practically anywhere. 

Available in 4 patterns (Green Heather, Mineral Umber, Lake and High Ridge), the ponchos are trimmed in a 3.5 oz aniline leather (of your color choice) that adds just the right amount of rugged elegance. 

Toggles are individually hand cut and crafted from matching leather and antler shed.  

Our Ponchos are made in the USA from all US Made Materials.

Camp Poncho Sizes:

  • S/M
    • 18' sleeve length
    • 33" front 
    • 33" back
  • L/XL
    • 22" sleeve length
    • 36" front
    • 36" back

Extra short or extra tall? So is Jen ... we just won't tell you which :)

That's why Jen insists on making sure her garments fit for people who don't fit into the regular mold. Just email us at Info@JenXEquine.com and we'll make it happen at no extra charge. 

Camp Poncho Leather (trim) Colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • gold
  • red
  • olive
  • navy
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